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International Practice

AOOSEE Bearings provides high quality products. at affordable prices.
If you find the model of the bearings you require, just contact us and we will do the research for you and get back to you with details within 3 days.
Our Quality Management System is approved by ISO9001:2008.

SHIPMENT OR DELIVERY: under the terms and conditions of the contract.

Usually we only accept bank transfer prior shipment , in the face of new clients can also according to different business trade conditions and negotiation, terms in the normal trade agreement, negotiate the delivery time and can be negotiated flexible payment also the implementation of the relevant legal regulations in the international trade under the framework of normal international practice

In both of us can reach after the completion of the transaction, in confirmation of our order, we can according to your request in accordance with you offer destination port and date of delivery

Provide and advance your freight forwarding company interactive contact timely, in the customs regulations in the country of destination request we will your goods left the Chinese port, arrange packaging disinfection fumigation, and submit the relevant certificate of fumigation and related documents in the maritime shipment left our port before we will prompt more perfect and relevant documents will be sent to you and you specify shipping agency Companies.

It's Easy to Deal with Us

No matter where you are and we are willing to provide more quality products and satisfactory feedback quality service for you

We produce the most have the price advantage of all kinds of bearing and the bearing housing
To assist you in completing your hope to reach the shipping destination we provide a complete service which includes arranging all freight to and from your site.

Excelling in Aoosee Bearing Manufacture

We uphold this position by extending asset life through manufacturing, replacement and retrofit upgrades of bearings and associated technology.

Being a global minded company means that our expertise are not enjoyed in Mainand China alone. Many contented customers in U.K Canada ,Australia, Southafrica,India ,are happy to confirm the quality that they have come to expect from us.

The cooperation with our principal contact and yourselves was always productive, timely and professional.
Benefits of Aoosee Bearings

To keep better service with the demand for faster improved performance, and dependability in challenging conditions, more and more equipment manufacturers have confidence in the proven bearing technologies of Aoosee.

Talk to us about specialist bearing manufacture

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